Urban design software created for planners, architects and developers exclusively for iPad

Hero images shows an app interface with urban design

The Brief

The Brief is an app built specifically for the early stages of urban design. Procedural design integrated with intuitive user interface provides necessary tools for fast city prototyping and design data evaluation.*

Built for better city design

The app has been designed from the ground up using more than ten years of real projects experience. It uses the "Urban Layers" system to help manage and control different levels of the city fabric.

Make roads network and generate city blocks

A combination of a simple user interface and procedural generation will help get started with a new project fast and spend less time on design changes which usually occur as part of the project development.

Choose building typology

Working around the globe makes it crucial to use specific building characters. Typologies can be applied to relevant density zones of the project to provide a rich urban environment.

Define land use and zoning rules

You are in control of land use and zoning rules. Identify different land use areas in your project and instantly see the result. Define and change your zoning rules such as setback, plot coverage, maximum building height and much more.

Create multiple scenarios

Work on different scenarios and design options simultaneously. Iterate quickly and provide better solutions. Engage with projects stakeholders by changing model parameters on the fly.

Evaluate results and keep track of project areas

Stop worrying about project areas. Instead, focus on designing a better urban environment. The Brief will keep track project data and report back in real-time. Land-use budgets, building gross areas, footprints are all at your fingertips. There is no need for conventional schedules.

Results of urban design shows all the necessary areas and project data